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Road Rage Simply Not Worth It

The wacko woman in the next car was cursing at my friend, "Lynn." Lynn had exited the freeway and entered the turn lane without a single car in sight. But when the lunatic lady pulled up next to her a full minute later, she was waving her hands wildly and cursing at Lynn over some imagined wrong. Read More »

A Day on the Job for CHP Officer Never Mundane

Mario Lopez does not wake up in the morning and drive to a job where he works in an indistinguishable modular cubicle. He does not spend day after day behind some innocuous beige metal desk, performing the same mundane tasks over and over again as he stares at an impersonal computer screen. He does not clock out every evening wondering if his accomplishments of the day really matter in the grand scheme of things. Read More »

A Day In The Life Of A CHP Officer

I interrogated officer Mario Lopez of the California Highway Patrol mercilessly for hours. With infinite patience, he gave me answers that provided a rare insider’s glimpse at the mechanism and the mindset of the CHP. Here are 13 fascinating facts about the CHP that you may not have known: They use tuning forks to calibrate their radar before they go ... Read More »

Experiencing the road from the CHP’s view

In an effort to experience what life behind the wheel is like from a law enforcement perspective, I spent one chilly weekday morning driving around the freeways of Southern California with Officer Mario Lopez of the California Highway Patrol. Read More »

Static Charge Could Spark Gas Fire, Though Gender Not Relevant

Question: I read a report that I believe might explain where the idea of cell phones causing fires at gas stations might have come from. At self-service stations, people often start filling their tanks, then go back into the cars to talk on the phone. Sliding into the seat and then back out again generates a static electricity charge. When ... Read More »

Agency Fails to Require Electronic Recorders in All Trucks, Doesn’t Protect People on Highways from Tired Truckers

After being rebuked by a federal court for failing to consider requiring electronic devices to monitor whether trucking companies are forcing their drivers to work beyond the maximum number of hours, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has again failed the public by releasing today a very weak standard for electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs). EOBRs in all trucks hold ... Read More »