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Online stranger danger?

I AM WILLING to bet that your mother told you not to pick up strangers while driving. With gas closing in on $3.50 a gallon, one company would like you to rethink that philosophy. Read More »

Don’t Sleep and Drive

While driving alone on the treacherous, winding, cliff-edged road that takes travelers from Northern California to Lake Tahoe last week, my mother experienced a "small" problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37 percent of the population have admitted to nodding off while driving. Read More »

Web Can Ease Traffic School’s Boredom

My 19-year-old son just went to traffic school for the first time. I have driven for 40 years and have gone twice for citations. The first time I went, there was a former police officer who just talked and showed videos to try to fill the eight hours. The second time there was a lot of dead time with lots of miscellaneous talking just to fill that time. Read More »

You Drink, You Drive, You Pay … A Whole Lot

Being charged with a DUI means you will be acquiring a new, expensive, undesirable sideline, and getting released into the cold air of freedom after a long night in jail is only the beginning of that pricey, unpleasant journey. Read More »

Early Time Change Not Worth A Dime

As an early morning commuter, I have a personal message for Edward J. Markey, the congressman who came up with the bright idea of having spring daylight-saving time start weeks early: You blew it. Markey convinced Congress that moving the time change up three weeks would be a cost-free solution to many of the country’s woes. His contention was that ... Read More »