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Personal Safety

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Senior Drivers to Increase 70% Over Next 20 Years

San Mateo, CA — A new national survey of baby boomers shows a growing need for better communication about driving issues among adult children and their aging parents, calls for additional restrictions on their parents’ driving — whether voluntary or mandatory — and points to an urgent need for expanded access to public transportation for seniors. The survey, released today ... Read More »

Online stranger danger?

I AM WILLING to bet that your mother told you not to pick up strangers while driving. With gas closing in on $3.50 a gallon, one company would like you to rethink that philosophy. Read More »

Student Drop Off Danger Not Worth the Risk

I call it “Drop-Off Russian Roulette,” and it’s the time of year again when many parents of school-age children choose to play this dangerous game on a daily basis. When my middle school-age son comes into my bedroom with that hang-dog look on his face at 6:45 a.m. and announces that his bike has its umpteenth flat tire, it means ... Read More »

Avoid Drowsy Driving This Holiday

Motorists who try to avoid holiday traffic this weekend by driving at night or who hit the road right after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner are running the risk of falling asleep at the wheel, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California. Read More »