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Flawed Analysis Of Red Light Camera Program Draws Institute Critique

Editor’s note: On October 4, 2005, The Washington Post published a review of the District of Columbia’s red light camera program by reporters Del Quentin Wilber and Derek Willis. The gist was that the cameras haven’t reduced crashes. Institute researchers reviewed the reporters’ analyses, finding fundamental flaws, and communicated the following critique to The Post on October 7. The most ... Read More »

When Roadway Design Options Are Wide Open, Why Not Go Ahead And Build A Roundabout?

When traffic engineers plan the roads that eventually will accommodate traffic in new developments like this, the plans usually involve intersections with stop signs or signal lights. But the barren site of a future intersection might be an opportunity to consider another option for traffic management, the modern roundabout. These have been built by the tens of thousands worldwide. Read More »

Items Prohibited on Airlines No Longer Need Be Forfeited

Since 9/11, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been commissioned with keeping airlines free from potential weapons. While performing this task, millions of innocent and often sentimental and valuable articles have been forfeited with no hope of retrieval. The deployment of ReturnKey Systems’ automated mailing kiosks (AMKs) in major international airports now offers the traveling public an alternative to forfeiture ... Read More »

AAA Cites Some of Nation’s Worst Commuter Hot Spots

AAA today released its list of some of the country’s worst “Commuter Hot Spots” and launched a nationwide grassroots campaign to urge Congress to pass the federal transportation funding reauthorization bill. The nation’s largest auto club also offered tips on how motorists can deal with the daily grind of rush hour commutes. AAA says its “Commuter Hot Spots” include some ... Read More »

Intelligent Traffic Lights

Imagine driving up to a busy intersection that knows you’re coming – one where the signal stays green a little bit longer to make sure your car gets through safely. Thanks to new technology, intelligent traffic lights are now a reality and they’re helping to make traffic congestion a distant memory. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, all 50 ... Read More »