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Precautions to take when Using Airbag On/Off Switchs

What if you are, or a user or your vehicle is, not in one of the listed risk groups? You are not at risk and do not need an on-off switch. This includes short people, tall people, older people, pregnant women — in fact, all people, male or female over age 12, who buckle their seat belts and who can ... Read More »

How Airbags Work

Airbags are designed to keep your head, neck, and chest from slamming into the dash, steering wheel or windshield in a front-end crash. They are not designed to inflate in rear-end or rollover crashes or in most side crashes. Generally, airbags are designed to deploy in crashes that are equivalent to a vehicle crashing into a solid wall at 8-14 ... Read More »

Which Restraint is Correct for your Child?

Weight or size of your child Proper type of restraint(Put your child in back seat, if possible)   Children less than 20 pounds,* or less than 1 year   Rear-facing infant seat (secured to the vehicle by the seat belts)   Children from about 20 to 40 pounds* and at least 1 year   Forward-facing child seat (secured to the ... Read More »

Airbags and On/Off Switches

Airbags are proven, effective safety devices. From their introduction in the late 1980’s through November 1, 1997, air bags saved about 2,620 people. The number of people saved increases each year as airbags become more common on America’s roads. However, the number of lives saved is not the whole story. Airbags are particularly effective in preventing life-threatening and debilitating head ... Read More »

Airbag On-Off Switch Installation Centers does not often update this list of companies who will install on-off switches. We are happy to take new listings but for a more comprehensive list, check the NHTSA website. Alabama Installers Found Scogin Brothers Auto 5315 Valley Road Fairfield, AL  35064 phone: 205-785-1123 GM Only Gulf Chrysler-Plymouth- Dodge 2801 South McKenzie Foley, AL  36535 phone: 334-943-5075 (DaimlerChrysler only – sale ... Read More »

How to Drive a Vehicle with an Airbag Safely

Since the risk zone for driver air bags is the first 2-3 inches of inflation, placing yourself 10 inches from your driver air bag provides you with a clear margin of safety. This distance is measured from the center of the steering wheel to your breastbone. If you now sit less than 10 inches away, you can change your driving ... Read More »

Airbag Related Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is an on-off switch? An on-off switch allows an air bag to be turned on and off. The on-off switch can be installed for the driver, passenger, or both. To limit misuse, a key must be used to operate the on-off switch. When the air bag is turned off, a light comes on. There is a message on or ... Read More »