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General Safety Articles

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Low-speed vehicles legal in most states on roads with low speed limits

Federal standards covering low-speed vehicles apply to those used for “short trips for shopping, social, and recreational purposes primarily within retirement or other planned communities with golf courses.” To qualify, a vehicle must have 4 wheels and a top speed of at least 20 mph but not more than 25. States, not NHTSA, are responsible for regulating the operation of ... Read More »

Early Time Change Not Worth A Dime

As an early morning commuter, I have a personal message for Edward J. Markey, the congressman who came up with the bright idea of having spring daylight-saving time start weeks early: You blew it. Markey convinced Congress that moving the time change up three weeks would be a cost-free solution to many of the country’s woes. His contention was that ... Read More »

Static Charge Could Spark Gas Fire, Though Gender Not Relevant

Question: I read a report that I believe might explain where the idea of cell phones causing fires at gas stations might have come from. At self-service stations, people often start filling their tanks, then go back into the cars to talk on the phone. Sliding into the seat and then back out again generates a static electricity charge. When ... Read More »

Electronic Stability Control

This technology could prevent nearly one-third of all fatal crashes and reduce the risk of rolling over by as much as 80 percent. The benefits are found in crashes involving one vehicle and more than one. Read More »

Mismatch Crash Tests

Mismatch of the front ends of the vehicles in this crash test is a problem. The suv's front-end energy-absorbing structure rides over the car's. In a real crash, this could increase injury risks for the car occupants, which is why auto manufacturers have been committed since 2003 to designing the front ends of light trucks so their energy-absorbing structures overlap those of cars. Read More »

1st Side Impact Crash Tests Of Minivans

For the first time the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has evaluated the performance of minivans in side impact crash tests. The tests simulate crashes in which SUVs or pickup trucks strike the sides of minivans. Read More »