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Teenage Drivers — Teach Your Children Well

Webster's defines attitude as "a manner that shows one's disposition." and then defines disposition as "one's nature or temperament." A proper attitude by both the parent (or guardian) and the teen driver will benefit a teen driver during the "Critical 1st phase of driving" -- the first five years. Let's look at desirable attitudes and how to achieve them. Read More »

Helping the Elderly Driver To Stay Alive

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that people 65 years and older represented 13 percent of the U.S. population in 1997, and accounted for 18 percent of the vehicle fatalities. Experts tell us that by the year 2000, elderly people are expected to represent 20 percent of the population. Read More »

Offensive Drivers — Accidents Will Happen

Every 12 minutes someone dies from a vehicle accident. Every week 844 people lose their lives and 42,000 people are injured due to vehicle accidents. An interesting question to ask regarding these accidents is how these drivers rate their own driving skills. Many would say they were very good drivers. Yet, they met their fate in an instant. From the time an accident starts until it ends takes less than two seconds! Since 1988, 380,000 people have been killed in vehicle accidents. Thirty-nine percent of these accidents were alcohol-related which means about 231,000 of the fatalities involved SOBER drivers! Read More »

Intersection Accidents — The Big Killer

The topic of intersection accidents is extremely important for every person who drives on the road today. Why is this so important? The mere fact that 42.6% of all fatalities involved failing to yield the right of way, passing a stop sign, or disregarding a signal (from National Safety Council's "Accident Facts"). These are all intersection accidents! Read More »

The AAA Advantage

I've had my new car for a little over a year now. While I'll be the first to admit that Adrian (my car's name -- it's got something to do with a TV show called "Highlander") is in pretty good shape, he has had his moments (read "I've had to be towed.") Luckily, I have recently discovered the remedy for those times when the weather, the battery, or the engine just aren't what they should be, and you are left stranded curbside (or worse!) = AAA! Read More »

How Bad Roads Kill Good Drivers

A highly heralded intersection safety program pioneered by AAA Michigan and its partners has achieved national recognition -- a feature article in Reader's Digest. The article, titled: "How Bad Roads Kill Good Drivers," appears in the July issue of the magazine, which is the second most widely circulated publication in America with a readership of nearly 25 million per month. Read More »

Irv Gordon Offers 10 Tips for Safe Driving

The first three things Irv Gordon did 37 years ago after purchasing a shiny red 1966 Volvo P1800 were adjust his seat, check the mirrors and buckle up. After driving that same car more than 2.1 million miles, the 61-year-old native of Long Island, New York still abides by these rules. Read More »