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Child Safety Seats

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Child Passenger Safety Week

Force = Mass x Acceleration. While that maybe an oversimplification, the fact is the laws of physics are unyielding. Imagine this: A 60 pound unbelted child in the back seat of a car traveling at a mere 30 miles per hour is involved in a sudden collision can weigh as much as a young elephant "“ about 2,700 pounds. That means the child can, during a frontal accident, impact the windshield or the front seat occupant "“ with deadly force. Not a pretty physics lesson. Read More »

Recall of the Britax child safety seat

BRITAX CHILD SAFETY, INC. 1-888-4BRITAX (888-427-4829). Model(s): All Marathon (E9L06), Wizard (E9L07), Husky (E9L30) child restraints, as well as restraints manufactured by Britax for Snug Seat under the model name Traveller Plus (E9L32). Production Dates: Marathon – 8/2/02 – 7/23/04 Husky – 8/11/02 – 7/23/04 Wizard – 7/16/03 – 7/23/04 Traveller Plus – 12/2/03 – 7/23/04 Defect: The A-Lok adjuster ... Read More »

Poorly Installed Safety Seats May Not Offer Children Best Protection for Holiday Trips

Although the overwhelming majority of parents believe their children are properly buckled up in the car, information from certified child car seat inspectors show that’s not the case. During State Farm’s most recent nationwide Child Safety Day events, held May 15, parents and caregivers had their child seats checked by trained inspectors. What they found was that only 13 percent ... Read More »

Since 2002, 21st Century, the CHP and Erik Estrada conducted an extensive public service campaign to promote knowledge and compliance with California's child safety seat law. Read More »