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Accident Prevention

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New Report Examines Alarming Increase in Motorcycle Rider Deaths

Washington, D.C. — Friday (June 20, 2008) marks the official start of summer, and millions of Americans will hit the roads to head to their summer vacations. Unfortunately, for too many motorcyclists, this may also mark the beginning of another deadly summer. The Governors Highway Safety Association’s (GHSA) new report, Survey of the States: Motorcycle Safety Programs, examines the dramatic ... Read More »

Drowsy Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

New York, New York – As people jam the roads and highways over the summer, there’s greater risk of being — or running into — a drowsy driver, says the National Road Safety Foundation, Inc., a non-profit group that provides free driver safety films and programs including its newest, called “Recognizing the Drowsy Driver.” “A day in the sun can ... Read More »

Workers living on the edge

According to one public official it's the most dangerous job in America, yet every day most of us drive by those who perform it without giving them a second thought. Read More »

Road Rage Simply Not Worth It

The wacko woman in the next car was cursing at my friend, "Lynn." Lynn had exited the freeway and entered the turn lane without a single car in sight. But when the lunatic lady pulled up next to her a full minute later, she was waving her hands wildly and cursing at Lynn over some imagined wrong. Read More »

‘Warning: Stay at least 200 feet back’

Tied to the undercarriage with only a short piece of twine, the tailpipe of the old VW bug swayed frantically under the vehicle's chassis. I managed to change lanes only seconds before the makeshift attachment flew loose and bumped and skidded into the lane, causing countless vehicles to swerve out of its path. Read More »

9-1-1 In The Wireless World

There is a serious automobile accident. One of the first on the scene calls 9-1-1 on his cell phone. The dispatcher already knows about the crash from one vehicle's Automated Collision Notification System where deployment of the airbag triggered a call to 9-1-1. The call also provided the exact location of the accident. Read More »

Electronic Stability Control

This technology could prevent nearly one-third of all fatal crashes and reduce the risk of rolling over by as much as 80 percent. The benefits are found in crashes involving one vehicle and more than one. Read More »