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Pedestrian Safety Walking:

Walking can be a dangerous activity. Just ask the more 85,000 pedestrians injured by automobiles last year, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Another 4,906 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes last year, a statistic that makes pedestrians 1.6 more times likely to get killed by a car while walking than shot and killed by a stranger with a gun, according to the Environmental Working Group, a pedestrian safety group. Read More »

Automotive Safety

Automotive safety is a big issue these days. Cars are capable of much higher speeds. Highways are able to accommodate more cars. The light-truck population is on the rise with cars and trucks getting into more accidents. The fact is that cars are on the losing team. Did you know that close to fifty percent of the U.S. vehicle fleet is represented by light trucks? Read More »

Child Safety On The Way To And From School

With the new school year underway, everyone including students, parents, and teachers need to be reminded to use caution on the way to and from school. There are 5 key dangers that the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has identified that kids face and 11 steps they can take to help stay safe. Read More »

Automotive Gift Ideas For The Holidays

A good trunk kit would make a useful and very personal holiday gift for a friend or family member who spends a lot of time out on the road. This is an imperfect world, especially away from home, and a bit of advance preparation can usually turn a major problem into a minor and temporary inconvenience. Read More »

Transportation Options for Older Parents and Friends

In reality older adults cause more accidents than do teenagers. As we age, our eyesight, reaction time, depth perception and memory all diminish. While this is a natural occurrence in all people, it bodes ill for our driving capabilities. While all of us dread the day we have to tell our parents they must stop driving -- and wish the Department of Motor Vehicles would do it for us sooner -- there are lots of ways to wean aging adults of their car dependence without taking away their driving privileges Read More »

Drivers Of Wisdom

Driving involves using learned skills necessary for safe, responsible, and courteous behind-the-wheel maneuvers. Knowledge about the rules of the road, coupled with the many years spent on the road, make you a mature and experienced driver. Read More »

Travel With Man’s Best Friend

A severe snowstorm was looming in, about 24 hours away according to the weather reports. Our dilemma: head out for Christmas or wait for the blizzard to pass? It looked as though the storm was to be a lengthy one. With Christmas only 17 days, our goal was to reach Boston well before the 25th. What to do? Read More »

Daytime Running Lamps

New European cars will all be built with daytime running lamps (DRLs) and now General Motors is lobbying for legislation that would require them on all new vehicles sold in the U.S. Read More »

Five Steps To Improving Teen Driving: A Parent’s Guide

Just getting behind the wheel and driving to work or going to the mall on today's highways can be a very stressful experience -- even for the expert driver. Why is this? Our society continues, as in the 80s, to want to do more in less time! There are many more offensive drivers on the road and, in many cases, it is a miracle each time we reach our destination safely without incident. We parents can remember our first driving days on less crowded highways. Drivers were referred to as "laid back" and the term road rage had never been heard before. Now people are driving at much faster speeds while dealing with many more distractions. Read More »

Courtesy In Driving: The Huge Safety Factor

The 1990's brought us the term "Road Rage", and the words "Drive Courteously" slipped by the wayside. The nation's highways have become more crowded for many reasons. Highway construction, more cars on the road, high employment rates and people leaving late for their destinations are some of the main reasons for stressful drives for many people today. Driving Institute of America seeks to remind us how extremely important courtesy is to improve our driving. Read More »