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It's not limited to cars

There was a time when trucks were designed strictly for work. These bare-bones machines were perfect for the jobsite but weren’t comfortable or luxurious enough for a night on the town.

That’s changed with the introduction of luxury pickups. Virtually every brand offers a high-end truck that looks as much at home in front of the symphony hall as it does in a muddy field, showing how drivers use their trucks in totally different ways today.


The construction of truck cabins has changed drastically in the past 10 years. A decade ago, most trucks were built for work alone, with cheap plastic trim and poor construction that quickly resulted in rattles and scuffs.

Today, though, you can buy trucks with cabins just as nice as what you would find in a European luxury car. You’ll see wide swaths of real wood trim, supple leather on the seats, and contrasting colored stitching that would look exquisite in a Jaguar. Extra sound insulation makes these trucks as quiet as a luxury car, too.

That doesn’t mean they’re wimpy, though. Luxury trucks are usually built with the same rugged frame and suspension as on their jobsite siblings, which means they can tow and haul just as much when necessary.


Another aspect of these luxury trucks is the level of technology they include.

Bluetooth phone connections and excellent stereos are standard fare today. If you really want the luxury treatment, you can get your truck outfitted with heated and cooled seats, a heated steering wheel, backup camera, navigation system and video player for the back seat.

Custom shops have been adding these kinds of features to trucks for years, but most of them are available from the factory now, too.

And if you need a heavy-duty truck, you’re in luck. All the major manufacturers offer luxurious versions of their 3/4-ton models just like they do in 1/2-ton trucks.