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New Car Buying Guide

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New and used car reviews of U.S. luxury, standard and economy autos, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV), crossovers (CUV), minivans, wagons, vans and sports cars.

Putting The Pieces Together

A comprehensive guide to the process of buying a new vehicle. The New Car Buying Guide provide all shopping information from selecting the right vehicle for your needs, to determining an appropriate price, to negotiating with salespeople. And, it is available to you free of charge. Read More »

The Process of Buying a New Car

Need a refresher on the steps to buying a new car? Or perhaps this is your first time buying a new car? Here are the steps to a purchase with details covering every aspect of the new car buying process. Read More »

Car Buying Help From the Internet.

Now that your choices have been narrowed down, it is time to enhance your car shopping knowledge by exploring car buying on the Internet. The web pages listed here allow you to identify what kind of vehicle you want to buy, configure it to your needs and find out the price. From there your vehicle information request can be routed ... Read More »

Lease or Buy: Deciding on Financing Options?

The concept of borrowing money to buy or lease a new car is a puzzle all its own. Borrowing enables us to purchase more car than we can afford, but often less car than we dream of. However, borrowing isn’t all bad when carefully considered and executed. Financing in general, especially a vehicle, is an excellent exercise in money management. Done properly, the ... Read More »

Test Drives and Dealerships: Evaluating New Cars

Maybe it's the flashy neon sign out in front, or the overanxious guy who grabs you before you can get out of your car. Whatever the reason, nearly all of us feel uncomfortable when we visit a new car dealer. And rightly so. Especially if we're a minority (and that includes being a woman, oddly enough, given that we make up over 51% of the population). Read More »

Dealing with Dealers: Negotiating a New Car Purchase.

The most uncomfortable, daunting and scary part of the new car buying puzzle can be talking to automobile salespeople and haggling with them over the price of your new car. No one likes to do this, regardless of their gender. We are a fixed price culture, unfamiliar with the process of negotiating for price. But, unless you are dealing with ... Read More »

Taking Delivery of Your New Car

Yogi Berra, famous for playing and coaching baseball and infamous for his sincere, but slightly askew manner of speaking, could have been summing up the final tasks of buying a new car when he said: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” The deal is officially over, and that can mean no more “nice guy” treatment by the dealer when you ... Read More »

Vehicles and Their Categories

Listed below are over 200 different vehicles waiting to tempt you on the dealer’s showroom floor. The sheer volume of possible cars to choose from raises the value of the Internet as a research tool. This list will help sort out which cars realistically fit into your consideration set and are worthy of a trip to a dealership for a ... Read More »