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Used Cars

Buying a used car is a great option when you can’t afford to get a new car or truck. The trick to getting a good deal on a used car is to know what you are shopping for (features, packages, etc.) and to have the car you want to buy checked by an experienced mechanic before purchase. To find out the features and packages use the New Car Buying Guide “Inventory” tool. Click on “Inventory” above, select the make, model, year and the distance you are willing to travel to get a car. This will give you lots of information about the car or truck you are shopping for, as well as a list of what is available in your area.

The next thing you’ll need to do before buying is to have the car or truck checked thoroughly by a reputable mechanic. Look online or in a phone book for a dealership, or a mechanic who specializes in the make of the car. This kind of inspection can run from $50 to $150, and is essential to knowing if you are buying a good quality vehicle that will last a long time with few problems.

Also it is very valuable to purchase a vehicle history that helps identify hidden problems with the car. These histories provide information that has be reported to government agencies about the vehicle including accidents, whether it has been flooded, thefts and the locations of the previous owners. Vehicle histories can be purchased one at a time, or in unlimited amounts over a month – perfect when you are evaluating several cars or trucks. Click on the link for Auto Check on the right.

Before selling a car, make sure you know the used car and classic car trade-in value. To find out values use the New Car Buying Guide “Used Car and Trade In Values” tool. Click on Used Car tab above and select “Used Car and Trade In Values”, click on autos or classics, select the make, year, and model. Follow the directions from there.