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Customizing your truck

Customizing your truck

Dealers can handle it, too

Pickup drivers want to stand out from the crowd. From chrome trim to lift kits, decals, off-road lights and special suspension setups, there are countless ways to customize your truck.

In the past, that meant ordering custom parts from aftermarket suppliers that specialize in modifying pickups. Some specialize in audio systems, others in wheels or appearance packages, and these can be great places to shop if you want a very specific modification.

But they’re not the only place.


Seeing an opportunity, car dealers and manufacturers have become a great place to turn to find custom equipment for your truck.

Turning to a dealer also solves a big problem: Not knowing the quality of the equipment you’re getting from a custom shop, and perhaps voiding your truck’s warranty.

Many dealers offer modifications or upgrades that come with a full warranty, including popular off-road packages with skid plates and beefier shocks and springs designed to withstand the rigors of tough trails.

They also offer appearance upgrades and a long list of custom parts such as running boards and chrome trim that can spiff up your ride.


Oversized chrome and alloy wheels are popular on today’s custom trucks. They’re a great way to add some bling to an otherwise ordinary-looking vehicle.

But choosing the right wheel is easier said than done. Picking wheels that are too big or heavy can upset the truck’s suspension, make its handling worse and sometimes void the warranty.

That’s why it’s a good idea to check with your dealer about what custom wheel options they have available. By playing it safe, you’ll be protecting your investment and looking good at the same time.