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Turbo Kool For RV

Many people who dry camp in hot weather do not want to run a noisy and fuel using generator to power their air conditioner to keep cool. Or maybe they don't have AC. A great solution is an evaporative cooler, or as they are often called, a "swamp cooler." While evaporator coolers work great in California's Mojave Desert, it is of little value in the Everglades or any where the relative humidity exceeds about 75-percent. Read More »

Read Before You Tow a Car Behind Your Motorhome

You want to tow a vehicle behind your motor home. For most vehicles it takes more than a hitch, tow-bar, electrical connections and perhaps a braking system for the towed vehicles. Many cars, SUVs and trucks with either manual or automatic transmissions can be towed for long distances with all four wheels on the road without a problem. For others, transmissions and even engines can be severely damaged within a few miles. Read More »

Making RVs Handicapped Accessible With Startrack Mobility Aides

Motorhomes and travel trailers are great for the disabled and physically challenged. They can be much more accommodating than traveling by air or riding in car and staying in hotels, once inside. Unfortunately, entering and exiting many motorhomes and trailers can be a challenge for those who use a wheelchair, mobility scooter or just have difficulty climbing stairs. The solution could be mobility aids offered by Startracks, which also markets mobility aides for pickups, vans, buses and SUVs as well as mobility aides for the healthcare industry. Read More »

T@B Microlite Travel Trailers

Travel trailers and motor homes seem to get bigger every year and more luxurious with ever more creature comforts. Now, you can even equip your motor home with a real sauna. The downside is huge fuel bills for even a short trip. Well, here is an option that will allow you to camp in comfort and only need a vehicle with a 2000 pound towing capacity to pull it. Read More »

Getting Your RV Plumbing Ready to Travel

Spring is here and it is time to get your RV ready for that first trip. If you winterized your water system using RV antifreeze, you will have to flush it all out. While RV anti-freeze is not toxic, even a small amount left in the system makes water taste bad. Read More »

Trailer Life Directory Announces Improved Trip-Planning Resources

While there's nothing like a nice road trip to bring the family together and explore various regions of the country, planning the trip can be overwhelming for travelers unequipped with the most up-to-date information available. Trailer Life Directory, the most widely used and recognized directory in North America, is continuously seeking ways to improve the planning and traveling experience. Read More »

TLC For RV Refrigerators

Most RV refrigerators operate on propane as well as 120 Volt and 12 Volt electricity. Thus, they are more complex than the refrigerator in your kitchen. They also have to operate in a much harsher environment. Household refrigerators don't travel thousands of miles at 70 mph while operating or when tilted several degrees. Therefore, RV refrigerators require more care and maintenance. Read More »

Propane Safety For RV Owners

There are millions of propane systems in RVs as well as homes and barbeques with very few accidents. While LPG (liquid petroleum gas) is highly explosive, it is quite safe, if used properly. Neglected, the results can be disastrous. Read More »