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Classic trucks spark collectors

Classic trucks spark collectors

The world of collector cars used to be about just one thing — cars — and not the trucks that have been such an important part of America’s automotive heritage.

All that is changing today, though, as more and more collectors are looking to bring old trucks back to life.
It’s a move that makes sense. Trucks have always been a huge part of the driving culture. People didn’t only drive Deusenbergs and flathead Fords, so some collectors are looking to round out their acquisitions by looking at rare and well-preserved pickups.

It’s also a function of childhood dreams. Many kids grew up wanting to drive nice trucks, dreaming of how much fun it would be to own something big, beautiful, powerful and useful. Now, many of those children have reached a stage of life when they can make those dreams come true.


One of the problems with collector trucks is that they’re so hard to find.

In the early days, trucks were designed strictly to do a job, and their owners would drive them until they literally fell apart. Many trucks would be stripped for parts or were used so harshly in their jobs that they simply didn’t last until today.

Those few original or restorable trucks are in increasingly high demand today. Many collectors are dropping big sums of money into fixing up old trucks, almost like they would a classic Cadillac or Pierce-Arrow. Well-restored trucks are selling at auto auctions for big money — although still not as sought after as traditional classic cars.


Another aspect of classic trucks is their ability to be customized with beautiful lines and wild accessories. Collectors are re-awakening to the industrial beauty of the early American pickups, which were designed with streamlined bodies that were about both form and function.

They can make the perfect foundation for a custom ride, too. With chopped roofs, big wheels, monster engines and massive chrome trim, these hot-rod custom trucks can turn heads just as powerfully as any coupe or sedan.

For truck lovers, it’s a trend that will hopefully continue to grow for many years to come.