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Before Loading the Truck, Protect the Bed

Anyone who owns a truck knows just how painful it is to see those first scratches in the truck bed. Even if they intended their truck to be used for hauling things, the goal is to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. Read More »

XM Satellite Radio

XM satellite radio service has more than 4 million subscribers. Broadcasting live daily from studios in Washington, DC, New York City and Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Read More »

Adjustable Pedal Demand on Rise Courtesy Wards Auto

Driven by the demand for additional comfort and safety features in vehicles, the market for electronically adjustable pedal systems (APS) has seen tremendous growth in recent years-from a couple of applications in 1999 to nearly 60 in 2004-and shows no signs of letting up. Supplier Dura Automotive Systems Inc., which has more than 10% of the APS market, shipped approximately ... Read More »

Cool Car Mats from GG Bailey are the Newest Accessory for Your Car

As far as I'm concerned the least exciting thing about cars are the floors. They are just there, covered with boring carpeting, or cheap rubber mats. And that's a shame since so many of us put a lot of effort into making, and keeping, our rides looking nice. So why not replace those mats (and the ratty old ones in your spouse's car) with something groovy? Read More »