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#6 Luxurious Cabins

#6 Luxurious Cabins

Better materials and construction, nicer styling make new cars appealing

Not too long ago, buying an affordable new car meant you’d have to live without a comfortable, quiet interior. But not anymore.

Today’s new cars — even the most affordable variety — come with high-quality, classy interiors that rival what luxury cars had just a few years ago.

Granted, not all new cars are built the same. Some have snazzier and more well-built cabins than others, but overall, the vehicles you’ll find on a new car lot will leave you impressed at just how upscale today’s mainstream cars have become.

Gone are the hard, brittle, cheap-feeling plastics that once plagued economy cars. Most new cars get their classy feel from soft-touch materials and tight construction tolerances that make them feel solid and look warm and inviting.

Stylists have done a great job in the past few years making new car interiors feel like the kind of space you actually want to spend lots of time in. Close attention is paid to the overall design — both inside and out — to give you a feeling that ranges from the cool sophistication of a nightclub to the homey comfort of a living room.

Car companies are also taking steps to make their new cars more comfortable for drivers and passengers. Features such as adjustable pedals, automatic climate control, tilt and telescoping steering wheels and seats that adjust in many different ways are becoming more common, even on affordable family cars. It wasn’t long ago that all those features were only available in more expensive cars from luxury brands.

There can be big differences from new car to new car — and even among different trim levels on the same vehicle — so be sure to take a look at all the different options available to get the look you want. With all the personalization options available at many brands, you’re sure to get a vehicle that’s as individual as you are.