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#2 Better Technology

#2 Better Technology

New features will blow you away, but they're surprisingly affordable

Computers, cell phones and the Internet have made our lives more connected than ever before. Now that same technology that so many people love in their portable devices is migrating into new cars.

More and more new cars are not only making these high-tech features available, but they’re often standard equipment that comes straight from the factory.

Take a look at the entertainment options available today. Even the small, efficient, affordable commuter new cars typically come with a stereo system that can connect to your MP3 music player. Some come with Bluetooth technology that lets you talk on your cell phone through the car’s speakers while the phone stays safely in your pocket. Still others let you control your iPod through buttons on the steering wheel or through voice controls.

It’s remarkable how quickly car companies have been able to implement this technology and make it simple to use.

Today’s luxury new cars offer even more options for entertainment and comfort. Most minivans and large SUVs are available with built-in movie players, sometimes with multiple screens or extra-large displays to make the movies easy to watch.

Hard-drives for storing your music, heated and cooled seats, navigation systems that get traffic and weather information, and satellite radio are just a few of the high-tech choices for drivers who want to stay comfortable and connected.

Not sure if you need all this tech overload? Don’t worry. New car dealers are specially trained to help buyers figure out how to use all the systems in their new car. They can also give you a demonstration while you’re in the process of shopping for a new car so you can compare how all the different systems work before you decide on your new vehicle.

If you take a look at today’s new cars, you may be shocked not only about how impressive the technology is, but also how affordable it can be. It’s not just for those expensive luxury cars.