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#3 Generous Warranties

#3 Generous Warranties

With dependable quality and long warranties, new cars give you peace of mind

One of the best things about buying a new car is not having to worry so much about reliability. If you’ve been driving an old clunker, you can rest assured a new car won’t be as likely to let you down.

In fact, today’s new cars have made huge strides in reliability ratings. While Japanese brands have long had a reputation for dependability, many people may not know that American and Korean brands have raised the bar dramatically. No matter what kind of car you prefer — American, Asian or European — you can be sure modern cars have improved reliability ratings thanks to better technology and more intense competition.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you’ll be comforted knowing today’s new cars offer strong warranties that back them up.

Not only will these warranties cover major mechanical problems, like an engine or transmission failing, but some even pay for the basic maintenance on your car. Things like oil changes and windshield wipers are covered by some brands — granted, they’re usually the more expensive luxury new cars — but that just goes to show how thorough car companies can be when covering their vehicles.

One of the great things about modern new cars is that manufacturers are using warranties as a sales tactic. Many are offering longer terms and more comprehensive coverage to help them compete against one another, which is a huge win for people looking to buy new vehicles.

Warranty coverage can vary dramatically from brand to brand, and even vehicle to vehicle, so be sure to ask your dealer about the specifics. They can tell you what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t so you can make an informed buying decision.

No matter what, buying a new car offers you peace of mind knowing you’ll be driving a vehicle that’s not likely to break down. And, if there is a problem, a good new-car warranty means you can limit your out-of-pocket expenses for major repairs.

It gives your finances more predictability, which is the best peace of all.