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Putting The Pieces Together

Purchasing a new car is among the most exciting and fun experiences of modern human adulthood. At the same time it can also be among the most traumatic, unpleasant and intimidating. No one, male or female, looks entirely forward to the process, even when the end result is owning an object of our heart’s desire.

Happily, the new car buying process, which still can be cumbersome and confusing, is presently undergoing a positive change. Thanks to the Internet, a tremendous amount of information is now readily available to the new car shopper. No need to be at the mercy of the salesperson. Shoppers can learn everything they need to know before entering the dealership. In fact, there are Internet sites that allow you to circumvent the salesperson altogether and buy a car directly online.

Reality is that dealing with a salesperson at a dealership continues to be part of the new car buying process. In part, this is due to the significant cost of a new car. A new vehicle runs a minimum of $13,000, with the average price of a new car today hovering around $26,000.

So if you want a shiny new vehicle, gird yourself for consumer battle and charge in. Your shield will be your research and information; your cunning and confidence, your sword.

The following articles in the New Car Buying Guide constitute a guide designed to help you do battle to the best of your ability, whether female or male. We arm you with all the information you need to select the right car for your needs (one that is safe and affordable), the ins and outs of financial transactions to understand the contract you are signing and most importantly get the deal you expect and deserve. This guide will help you be the most informed buyer possible — a challenge to the sales people you encounter as a calm and unflappable opponent.