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Car reviews a great way to get a good idea about what is right, or wrong, with a new car. New Car Buying Guide car reviews contain a great deal of information about how a car handles, what it feels like to drive or ride in, the features it comes with and the options you can add on, the quality of the vehicle and the pros and cons. All this information is important during the car shopping process.

New Car Buying Guidecar reviews can help you make a vehicle purchase decision or provide you with alternatives to the car you want. That means you’ll be able to do car comparisons to see which car offers the best value. Car reviews are also useful to people buying used cars as they tell you what you should expect to find in any car or truck you are considering. When reading car reviews, make sure to click on the various tabs that surround the reviews as there you will find car and truck ratings and specifications.

New Car Buying Guide reviews luxury, standard and economy autos, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV), crossovers (CUV), minivans, wagons, vans and sports cars.

2013 Volvo S60 T5 Luxury Mid-Size Sedan

2013 Volvo Mid-Size Sedan

Now for 2013 the S60 T5 scores engine improvements for quicker accelerations plus the option of four-wheel traction with the electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. The 2.5-liter five-in-line plant achieves high torque at relatively low engine speed and without a typical turbo's acceleration lag. With aluminum block and dual overhead cams, it produces 250 hp at 5400 rpm and 266 lb-ft of torque between 1800 and 4200 rpm. Read More »

2013 Volkswagen CC Mid-Size Sedan

2013 Volkswagen CC Mid-Size Sedan

With its low roofline and integrated rear doors, the CC looks sleek like a curve-craving coupe that slinks snug against asphalt, yet it provides a pair of doors on each side like a family-friendly sedan with two rows of seats in the posh cabin and easy entry/exit for every passenger. Read More »

2013 Scion FR-S Compact Coupe

2013 Scion FR-S Compact Sport Coupe

Consider the new FR-S a genuine sports car which brings a racy-slick body shell, driver-oriented cockpit with flexible seat/cargo configuration, keen weight balance for performance and handling, respectable fuel economy figures and surprisingly modest price tags. Read More »

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Compact Hatchback

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer GT

Hunkering low against the road and hugging hard through each tight curve, one Sportback carves a crisp and controlled line through each curve at a rather fast clip. This latest iteration of Mitsubishi's hatchback series for Lancer does not protest our aggressive treatment in the driver's seat. Actually, it seems to invite even more action, and we of course comply. Read More »

2013 Lincoln MKS Luxury Full-Size Sedan

2013 Lincoln MKS Luxury Mid-Size Sedan

Lincoln's flagship sedan looks elegant and classy in a bold design for the body which focuses on a double-wing grille that's a contemporary homage to the classic 1941 Lincoln Continental. For 2013 issues the grille tips rearward in a sleeker pose as the prow adds horizontal louvers in a new fascia to underscore the grille with piercing optics of projector-type HID (high-intensity discharge) headlamps wrapping around front corners. Read More »

2013 Honda Fit 5-Door Subcompact Hatchback

2013 Honda Fit Compact Sedan

The agile little hatchback, cast on a rigid chassis with a four-in-line engine directing all torque to front wheels wrapped in 185/55R16 rubber, slithers up the curlicue trace like a slot car locked on a track. It's obviously playful, and in the hands of a skillful driver allows a creative expression of kinetic movement in linear form which can be both exhilarating and satisfying. Read More »

2013 Ford Taurus Mid-Size Sedan

2013 Ford Taurus Mid-Size Sedan

Taurus of 2013 -- in the package of a mid-size model but the cabin of a big car with high-riding seats and a load of high-tech and high-quality gear -- tackles sets of curves with the sure-grip posture of a sporty machine, then delivers an instant kick each time you tap the throttle from one of the two new high-powered yet fuel-thrifty engines. Read More »

2013 Ford Mustang Coupe

2013 Ford Mustang Coupe

This newly-minted Mustang GT coupe still looks unmistakably like a Mustang with that classic stretched hood and stubby tail, muscular body bulges and way-big wheels. And Mustang signatures have been retained -- the C-scoops on flanks, tri-part lamps on the tail and a shark's pointed nose with round headlamps. Read More »

2013 Ford Flex Mid-Size Crossover SUV

2013 Ford Flex Mid-Size Crossover SUV

Flex for 2013 still has the same three trim grades and FWD or AWD traction but Ford works a makeover outside with bold body sculpting, new standard or optional features in the passenger compartment with improved materials wrought with fine craftsmanship, and a choice of two sophisticated V6 powertrains, each with improved fuel economy figures. Read More »

2013 Ford Explorer Sport Mid-Size SUV

2013 Ford Explorer Sport Mid-Size SUV

No way that runaway momentum will occur with the new Explorer Sport, however, because it stocks sophisticated electronic controls linked to the all-wheel-drive (AWD) system as well as the anti-lock brakes (ABS) and Ford's AdvanceTrac electronic skid control (ESC) device with traction control and roll stability control (RSC), which measures vehicle motion on both the yaw and roll axes. Read More »