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2013 Volvo S60 T5 Luxury Mid-Size Sedan

2013 Volvo Mid-Size Sedan

Now for 2013 the S60 T5 scores engine improvements for quicker accelerations plus the option of four-wheel traction with the electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. The 2.5-liter five-in-line plant achieves high torque at relatively low engine speed and without a typical turbo's acceleration lag. With aluminum block and dual overhead cams, it produces 250 hp at 5400 rpm and 266 lb-ft of torque between 1800 and 4200 rpm. Read More »

2008 Volvo C30 Compact Near-Luxury 2-Seat Sport Hatchback

C30 exterior. 2008 Volvo C30 – exterior – enlarge What was tested? 2008 Volvo C30 2.0 ($25,700). Options: None. Price as tested (including $745 destination charge): $26,445. It’s not uncommon for carmakers to try to move their lineups upmarket. “Halo cars” are often built not to sell more vehicles but to create an upscale image for an entire brand, as ... Read More »

2007 Volvo XC90 Mid-Size Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle

Volvo's big XC90 wagon is as tough as it is sophisticated. It's a heavy, rock-solid vehicle with a rugged all-wheel-drive system that feels like it could drive anywhere on or off road. Inside, the XC90's cabin is a classy place to spend long trips. Despite Sweden's reputation for quirky controls, the buttons and knobs in this Volvo are refreshingly simple to learn and easy to operate. Read More »

2006 Volvo C70 Mid-Size Convertible Coupe

It doesn't look like a cardboard box, so it can't be a Volvo ... or can it? The new Volvo C70 has an attractive, distinctive body style that comes with a power folding hard top. It looks great with the top up or down. A cool, clean, futuristic interior in the Volvo C70 is a comfortable place to spend miles on the road. It's also a safe place thanks to a pop-up rollbar, heavy steel roof and state-of-the-art side curtain airbags. Read More »

2006 Volvo XC70 Full-Size Luxury Station Wagon

Volvo vehicles have long been heralded as some of the safest cars on the market. In recent years, they've improved the interior, moving their cars from a "safe" bet to a "great" bet. The combination of continued safety and better interior materials in the new SUV-like 2006 Volvo xc70 station wagon make for a great family car. Read More »