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2012 Toyota Prius v Mid-Size Hatchback

2012 Toyota Prius V Mid-Size Hybrid Hatchback

It teams a thrifty but conventional 1.8-liter four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle engine that sips gasoline with a pair of high-voltage and high-torque electric motors -- one to turn the front wheels and the other to work so many power accessories as well as crank up the four-pack engine and recharge a load of on-board batteries. Read More »

2012 Toyota Prius c Subcompact Hatchback

2012 Prius c subcompact hatcback

Aimed at young shoppers seeking a fuel-thrifty small car packing high-tech hybrid hardware, the new subcompact-size Prius c employs Toyota's proven Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) system and earns downright impressive fuel economy numbers of 53 mpg City/46 mpg Highway. The itsy-bitsy economy car provides room for up to five riders on comfortable seats with a pair of buckets in front of a bench for three and room at the rear for cargo due to the hatchback roofline. Read More »

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Sedan

When you read a review of a hybrid vehicle, you'll usually find a variation of this sentence: "It drives like a normal car." But you won't read that about the new Toyota Prius, because it doesn't. It feels like the result of a golf cart and a spaceship having a wild night in Vegas. Toyota's all-new 2010 Prius retains the old hybrid's familiar shape, but it doesn't have much else in common. It was re-engineered for even greater efficiency. Read More »

2005 Toyota Prius Mid-Size Hybrid Sedan

New Car Review of the 2005 Toyota Prius Mid-Size Hybrid Sedan Description: Mid-Size Hybrid Sedan Base MSRP Range: $20,875 Invoice Price Range: $19,222 Where built: Japan Toyota’s hybrid sedan, which morphed to a larger size last year, fits in the mid-size class with generous space for five in the comfortable cabin. A sleek design for the body features a dramatic ... Read More »

2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid Fuel Economy Sedan

Toyota's new Prius hybrid sedan seems to be raking in more "of-the-year" awards than any vehicle in recent history. While its futuristic shape looks a little weird, the technology behind it is what's really attractive. Read More »