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2012 Nissan Quest Minivan

2012 Nissan Quest Minivan

Nissan's revamped Quest of 2012 dispels the typical ho-hum and haul-the-kids approach to minivan design because the vehicle's creators -- out of Nissan's American design studio in California -- sought a high-style concept that was different and distinctive, both inside and out. Read More »

2007 Nissan Quest Minivan

The Nissan Quest has an unusually curvy body for a minivan. It's also available in several bold colors. One of the most unique features on the Nissan Quest is this big skylight that extends all the way to the back-row seats. Even little kids riding back there deserve to see the sky. Read More »

2005 Nissan Quest Minvan

Quest breaks the mold of a typical minivan's crate-on-wheels design due to a format that stretches long, but slinks low. It has the longest wheelbase in class to forge a five-door passenger compartment with considerable space inside arranged in an artful manner.

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2004 Nissan Quest Minivan

Nissan has never been a major player in the minivan market. But that should change with the introduction of the all-new 2004 Nissan Quest. It has taken Nissan a long time to come to market with its own unique product for this segment. The wait was worthwhile. Read More »