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Clearly a good idea

Lights, wipers important for seeing the road

Drivers are only as good as their eyes. If poor lighting or a smudged windshield keep you from seeing obstacles, people or other cars in front of you, it could be dangerous or even deadly.

To keep your view from the driver’s seat as clear as possible, it’s a good idea to regularly check and replace your car’s lights and wiper blades.


Check your car’s headlights, brake lights and turn signals at least once a month to be sure they’re all working properly. You’ll want to check both low and high beams and note how well the headlights are aimed. Headlights that aren’t aligned correctly can limit your vision and make it harder for other drivers to see.

You’ll want to make sure the lenses are all clean because dirt and crud can blur them, which makes them dimmer and harder to be seen by other drivers.

It’s easier to check the lights if you have someone help you. Ask a spouse, friend or relative to watch while you try out each of the lights to make sure they’re working.


Wiper blades should always be soft and pliable, but the best way to tell whether they need to be replaced is by using them. Your wipers are designed to clear the rain, dirt and snow from off your windshield so you can see safely.

If they’re not clearing the windshield, they need to be replaced right away. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to experiment with installing better wipers, a variety of options are available. Some are made of different, longer lasting materials, while others will have extra blades that do a better job cleaning the window with each swipe.


Some retailers and service shops that sell wiper blades will install them for you for free or at a very low cost. Don’t hesitate to ask for it.

If you can’t get free wiper installation or just prefer to do it yourself, the process is very simple on most cars. Wipers typically will snap on and off with a bit of effort, and they come with instructions to explain the process.