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2012 Honda Civic Si Compact Coupe

2012 Honda Civic SI Compact Coupe rear view

The 2012 Civic Si, completely redesigned for a new generation, looks serious in an aero-sleek package with ultra-fast windshield rake, curt and sporty overhangs front and rear, minimal gaps between tires and fenders, and the trailing ripple of a deck-lid spoiler. It rides on a platform that also supports Honda's compact-class Civic series of coupes and sedans and shares suspension elements. Read More »

2012 Honda Civic Compact Sedan

2012 Honda Civic Compact Sedan

All sedans in the 2012 Civic series employ a four-cylinder aluminum engine which displaces 1.8 liters and carries Honda's special i-VTEC (variable value timing and lift electronic control) valvetrain to precisely manage engine breathing and combustion in order to maximize horsepower and disperse torque across a broad band. The plant generates 140 hp at 6300 rpm plus torque of 128 lb-ft at 4300 rpm. Read More »

Video: 2008 Honda Civic SI Compact Economy Sedan

Video Review of the 2008 Honda Civic SI. Honda makes a factory-built hot rod called the Civic Si. It doesn't look anything like the old hot rods, but the spirit is exactly the same: a small, customizable, lightweight car with a suspension that's tuned for better handling and an engine that's tweaked for more power. All that fun starts with the engine. It winds up to 8,000 RPM. Read More »

2008 Honda Civic GX Compact Sedan

The 2008 Civic GX comes only as a four door that looks identical to gasoline Civics. 2008 Honda Civic GX exterior – enlarge As gasoline prices soar, drivers are driving less, downsizing vehicles and looking at alternatives like hybrids. One option overlooked is natural gas (NG) that is very environmentally-friendly, is domestically produced or comes from friendly countries and is ... Read More »

2008 Honda Civic Si Sports Sedan

Its six-speed manual transmission is a thing of beauty. Honda Civic SI(2008) – enlarge What was tested? 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan with Navigation, XM Satellite Radio and high performance tires ($23,260). Price as tested: $23,260 Pros: It feels like a sports car but doesn’t come with the drawbacks. Plus, with the Honda name and a rabid following, it should ... Read More »

2007 Honda Civic EX Compact Coupe and Sedan

Available in two- and four-door varieties, the 2007 Honda Civic is actually bigger than it looks in pictures. It's closer to the size of an Accord from a few years ago. Digital gauges and distinctive instrument pods make the Civic's interior look like something out of a science-fiction movie. Read More »

2007 Honda Civic Si Compact Sports Coupe and Sedan

The Civic Si, a hopped-up version of Honda's economy car, looks as fast as it drives. It even comes with a big, ugly sticker on the side to reinforce its boy-racer reputation. As expected in a car that starts life as a low-priced commuter vehicle, the Civic Si's interior is nothing special. The gauges, though, are pretty cool, especially the giant tachometer behind the steering wheel. Read More »