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2013 Honda Accord Mid-Size Sedan

2013 Honda Accord

Everything about the 2013 Honda Accord is new -- platform and structure, engines and transmissions, suspension and steering mechanisms, body styling and cabin content, on-board electronics and a load of safety equipment. Read More »

2013 Honda Odyssey Minivan

2013 Honda Odyssey minivan

The 2013 Honda Odyssey has a jagged "lightning bolt" line from its side profile, giving the current generation a more distinctive look than previous models. Inside, the Odyssey's cabin is built with the same solid construction as any Honda product, which makes it stand out in the minivan market. Read More »

2013 Honda Fit 5-Door Subcompact Hatchback

2013 Honda Fit Compact Sedan

The agile little hatchback, cast on a rigid chassis with a four-in-line engine directing all torque to front wheels wrapped in 185/55R16 rubber, slithers up the curlicue trace like a slot car locked on a track. It's obviously playful, and in the hands of a skillful driver allows a creative expression of kinetic movement in linear form which can be both exhilarating and satisfying. Read More »

2012 Honda CR-V Compact Crossover SUV

2012 Honda CRV Compact SUV

Fender blisters bulge around front wheels to forge a forceful stance, as the roofline arches over the cabin and strips of flank windows get black-capped pillars. At the rear long red lamps define edges of a top-hinged tailgate, which curves down and fits snugly against the bottom bumper. Dramatic styling continues in a spacious cabin filled with creative designs, extensive safety equipment and downright fancy features. Read More »

2012 Honda Crosstour Large Hatchback

2012 Honda Crosstour Large Hatchback

This large-scale vehicle packs an enthused V6 powertrain and mixes the plush comforts and easy-driving performance of Honda's refined Accord sedan with the cargo space and flexibility of a crossover utility vehicle like Honda Pilot. The front-wheel-drive platform of Accord supports the slick aerodynamic structure of the shapely Crosstour hatchback, which houses four flank doors like a sedan and flexible seating for five riders in a plush cabin plus vast cargo space (more than 50 cubic feet) in the aft bay with access through a tail-side liftgate. Read More »

2012 Honda Civic Si Compact Coupe

2012 Honda Civic SI Compact Coupe rear view

The 2012 Civic Si, completely redesigned for a new generation, looks serious in an aero-sleek package with ultra-fast windshield rake, curt and sporty overhangs front and rear, minimal gaps between tires and fenders, and the trailing ripple of a deck-lid spoiler. It rides on a platform that also supports Honda's compact-class Civic series of coupes and sedans and shares suspension elements. Read More »

2012 Honda Civic Compact Sedan

2012 Honda Civic Compact Sedan

All sedans in the 2012 Civic series employ a four-cylinder aluminum engine which displaces 1.8 liters and carries Honda's special i-VTEC (variable value timing and lift electronic control) valvetrain to precisely manage engine breathing and combustion in order to maximize horsepower and disperse torque across a broad band. The plant generates 140 hp at 6300 rpm plus torque of 128 lb-ft at 4300 rpm. Read More »

2010 Honda Accord Mid-Size Coupe

Honda's two-door version of the Accord has a good-looking body that turns heads with its sleek, sophisticated style. The Honda Accord Coupe has a high-quality interior with tight construction, making it feel like it could last forever. Read More »

Video: 2008 Honda Civic SI Compact Economy Sedan

Video Review of the 2008 Honda Civic SI. Honda makes a factory-built hot rod called the Civic Si. It doesn't look anything like the old hot rods, but the spirit is exactly the same: a small, customizable, lightweight car with a suspension that's tuned for better handling and an engine that's tweaked for more power. All that fun starts with the engine. It winds up to 8,000 RPM. Read More »

2008 Honda Civic GX Compact Sedan

The 2008 Civic GX comes only as a four door that looks identical to gasoline Civics. 2008 Honda Civic GX exterior – enlarge As gasoline prices soar, drivers are driving less, downsizing vehicles and looking at alternatives like hybrids. One option overlooked is natural gas (NG) that is very environmentally-friendly, is domestically produced or comes from friendly countries and is ... Read More »