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2003 BMW 3 and 5 M Series High Performance Sedan, Coupes and Convertibles

A line of ultra performance cars from BMW continues with the M5 and M3 coupe and convertible. Nomenclature for the series uses the alphabetical designation of M, as in muscle. The number 5 signifies BMW’s mid-size 5-Series car based on the 540i sedan, and a 3 represents a 3-Series coupe and convertible out of the 330Ci. M5 stocks a 5.0-liter ... Read More »

2003 Audi Allroad Crossover Wagon

Audi’s designers tried to blend two seemingly disparate concepts of a curve-craving sports sedan with a mud-loving sport-utility vehicle — one a sleek pavement speeder that slinks snugly against asphalt, the other a boxy off-road machine hiked high in suspension to clear rough stuff on the trail. The vehicle produced by this mix is called allroad. It’s a cool scheme ... Read More »

2003 MINI Cooper Sub-Compact Sporty Coupe

During its first US appearance MINI only sold 11,000 cars . With BMW resources and technology, this is a MINI in name only. But that name should be more than enough. This is a fantastic product. Everyone should test drive it. Read More »