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Owning an abandoned vehicle.

QUESTION: I recently discovered an old abandoned car on the side of the road, and I want to know what the laws concerning salvaging it are. It's been there so long that trees have grown up around it so it is not visible except in winter. It is not sitting on someone's property, though (or else I would have just gone and knocked on their door). It's in a forest park near the Battlefield Park in Prince William County.   ANSWER: This is an interesting question. You will need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (or whatever it is called in your state) to see what the laws are on the books about taking ownership of abandoned vehicles. And perhaps you might also contact your state Attorney General's office to find out what you can read on "salvage" law. The laws in each state are a little different so we can't possibly keep track of them. But we would be interested in hearing what you find.   DISCLAIMER: Responses to questions posed by users of NEW CAR BUYING GUIDE are offered only for general education purposes. User expressly agrees that the information contained herein will be used at its sole risk. Neither NEW CAR BUYING GUIDE nor any of its information providers, licensor, employees, or agents warrant that the responses will be error free nor make any warranty as to the results to be obtained from use of the information contained herein. Neither NEW CAR BUYING GUIDE nor anyone else involved in creating, producing or hosting the response shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of use of the response information. User agrees that it will not in any way hold NEW CAR BUYING GUIDE responsible for any selection or retention of, or the acts or omissions of, third parties in connection with the response information.