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Buying Environmentally Friendly Cars

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Miles Javalon XS500

Electric vehicles don't have to look like glorified golf cars or have weird styling. They can look like normal sedans with normal amenities and creature comforts. That's the rather ambitious goal of the Javalon XS500 Read More »

New EPA Stickers Will Provide More Realistic MPG Estimates

The window sticker says your new car is rated 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway, but you never are able to get more than 17 mpg. This is about to change. No, vehicles won't get better fuel economy. The EPA estimates will just be closer to what you can expect under real world driving conditions. The new EPA standards take effect for model year 2008 vehicles, some of which go on sale as soon as February 2007. Read More »

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid cars and SUVs are selling well with every more coming to market. Hybrid school buses are already carrying kids. Hybrid shuttle buses, refuse and utility trucks are ready for production. FedEx, UPS and Puralator have hybrid package delivery trucks in their fleets. Some 500 hybrid electric transit buses are already in service around the country. Read More »

Ethanol and Your Car

Alternative fuels like ethanol could reduce our dependence on imported oil and reduce pollution. Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, is already in everyday use. You are likely to be using it in your vehicle. Read More »

Understanding Hybrid Vehicles

"A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle with two or more energy storage systems, both of which must provide propulsion power", said Dave Hermance of Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of North America. Read More »

Two-Mode Hybrid

In 2005, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and BMW formed the Global Hybrid Cooperation to jointly develop a hybrid powertrain system. The objective was a flexible hybrid system for use in each of the three manufacturers’ vehicles. Each company is tailoring the basic system to their own needs, while benefiting from shared components to reduce costs. Read More »

Some Hybrid Vehicles Becoming Sensible Purchases’s latest hybrid study shows that despite higher sales prices, purchasing some – though not all – of today's hybrids can make good financial sense. The company compared the sales prices and annual gas expenses of hybrid vehicles and their non-hybrid counterparts. Read More »