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Chevrolet Overview

AT A GLANCE TECHNOLOGY: OnStar offers safety, convenience and information; the electric Volt is already revolutionizing the auto industry. HISTORY: Started by race-car driver Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William Durant in 1911. Purchased by GM in 1918. FAMOUS MODELS: Camaro, Corvette, Silverado, Suburban. KNOWN FOR: Affordable family cars, V8-powered performance vehicles, and tough work trucks. Affordable, powerful style For nearly ... Read More »

BMW Overview

AT A GLANCE TECHNOLOGY: BMW’s cutting-edge performance tech is the benchmark for the world. HISTORY: The automotive portion of BMW was founded in 1928; the company allowed Rolls-Royce and Bentley to start using BMW engines in the early ‘90s. FAMOUS MODELS: 5 Series, Z4 Roadster KNOWN FOR: Precision  engineering, high-performance sports sedans and advanced, forward-thinking style. Pushing the envelope BMW isn’t afraid ... Read More »

Cadillac Overview

AT A GLANCE TECHNOLOGY: The hybrid Escalade brings peace of mind to SUV lovers; intelligent cruise control and blind zone alerts make it easier to stay safe. HISTORY: The Cadillac Automobile Company was born in 1902 and quickly gained a reputation as making the world’s most luxurious vehicles. FAMOUS MODELS: Seville, Escalade, Eldorado KNOWN FOR: The American luxury car answer to Germany’s ... Read More »

Added value: A quality, fully repaired car will save you money over time


One of the biggest costs associated with a pre-owned car is not the payment, the insurance and the gasoline. It's the upkeep. To stay in tip-top condition, every car needs ongoing maintenance and repairs as it goes through its life. Any mechanic can tell you that deferred or ignored maintenance will be much more expensive later on, so knowing that all the proper service has been performed on your vehicle is critical to making a purchasing decision. Read More »

#2 Better Technology


Computers, cell phones and the Internet have made our lives more connected than ever before. Now that same technology that so many people love in their portable devices is migrating into new cars. More and more new cars are not only making these high-tech features available, but they're often standard equipment that comes straight from the factory. Read More »

#3 Generous Warranties


One of the best things about buying a new car is not having to worry so much about reliability. If you've been driving an old clunker, you can rest assured a new car won't be as likely to let you down. Read More »

#4 Modern Safety Features


If you have a family, you know how important it is to keep them safe and secure. And if you're a driver, you know how crazy other people can be when they get behind the wheel. That's why it's important to have a vehicle that's as safe as it can be. No matter how cautious you drive and how many precautions you take, no one can ensure they won't get in a terrible automobile accident at some point. Read More »

#5 More Efficiency


Keeping an old gas guzzler on the road can be expensive. Not only do you have the repair costs associated with an aging car and the big payments at the fuel pump, but you're making the Earth pay a high price by burning all those hydrocarbons. If you're looking to save both money and the planet, you should consider getting a new car. They're more reliable, more fuel-efficient and better for Mother Nature. Read More »

#6 Luxurious Cabins


Today's new cars — even the most affordable variety — come with high-quality, classy interiors that rival what luxury cars had just a few years ago. Granted, not all cars are built the same. Some have snazzier and more well-built cabins than others, but overall, the vehicles you'll find on a new-car lot will leave you impressed at just how upscale today's mainstream cars have become. Read More »