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Sandra Kinsler – Managing Editor, Journalist

Kinsler is the Managing Editor, Co-Publisher and Journalist of since its inception, and she is also the co-owner of Apex Media Group, LLC and the co-publisher of all of the company's properties. Kinsler has appeard on television and radio programs about cars and vehicle ownership, while also discussing the publication and the role of women in the car shopping and ownership processes. She cohosted several radio shows including Just Driven, Road Test Radio Magazine and World Travel Journal. Among her publishing and editing credits are the online books New Car Buying Guide and Used Car Buying Guide. Additionally she has written over one thousand automotive and travel related articles, and edited over 10,000 works by other journalists. She also provides consulting services to firms maintaining websites and web-based businesses in the arenas of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Additionally she provides editorial consultations to companies requiring the addition of text, video, and audio content to their websites and web-based businesses, especially when that content is used to boost search engine rankings. Kinsler is a cum laude graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) and holds both a Bachelors Degree in Economics, and a concentration in Business Administration. She lectured nationwide, and in Canada, for 5 years teaching Stock Photography and media management and distribution, with initial sponsorship from Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., then followed by Aldus Corporation, and Adobe Systems, Inc. Concurrently she consulted to Fortune 2,000 firms on media management and distribution. Kinsler taught the first known college-level course offered in the U.S. on Internet Marketing at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Extension Program. She taught that course for 4 years which began in 1996. Sandra Kinsler, and her husband Brian Leshon reside in Ventura, California.