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Brian Leshon – Editorial Content Director, Journalist, Photographer

Brian Leshon has been the Publisher and Editorial Content Director since the inception of, and he is also the co-owner of Apex Media Group LLC and the co-publisher of all of the company’s properties. Leshon focuses on automotive and racing content, photography, advertising sales, business development, co-branding and relationship marketing. Leshon cohosted several radio shows including Just Driven, Road ... Read More »

Sandra Kinsler – Managing Editor, Journalist

Kinsler is the Managing Editor, Co-Publisher and Journalist of since its inception, and she is also the co-owner of Apex Media Group, LLC and the co-publisher of all of the company’s properties. Kinsler has appeard on television and radio programs about cars and vehicle ownership, while also discussing the publication and the role of women in the car shopping ... Read More »

Bob Plunkett – Journalist

Bob Plunkett is a veteran automotive reporter whose articles have appeared in industry and consumer magazines for 30 years. He currently produces syndicated automotive reports published weekly newspapers across North America, putting the reader in the driver’s seat for a hands-on feel of a vehicle. An adventurer, Plunkett has raced cars, scaled mountains, dived with sharks and run on foot ... Read More »

Derek Price – Journalist

Derek Price is a freelance automotive writer and the owner of Green Shoot Media in Texas. He’s reviewed a new car every week for more than 12 years and currently writes for newspapers across the United States, ranging from small-town dailies to major metropolitan papers like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He loves all types of vehicles but has a special ... Read More »

William Siuru, Phd. – Journalist

William D. Siuru, Jr., PhD, PE is a long time contributor to CyberAd Media, Inc. publications including Bill specializes in articles on automotive technology, recreational vehicles and collector and antique cars. Read More »

Michelle Pearl – Journalist

In 1994, Michelle Pearl, formerly Groh-Gordy, retired from a career as a high school and college vocational teacher and opened "The Really Classy and Cheap Comedy Traffic School" in California. Read More »