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Extra protection: Certified cars can come with longer, better warranties

Extra protection: Certified cars can come with longer, better warranties

You can tell when a company believes in their products. They put their money where their mouth is. Because certified used cars have been inspected and fixed, manufacturers are willing to back them up with longer warranties and better coverage than other used cars, often at no additional charge. Every certification program offers some type of additional warranty protection, ranging from simply extending the original new-car warranty to adding extra benefits on top of the basic warranty coverage. A few even offer full, bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage for a period of time, even if it has expired under the new-car policy.

It’s important to check into the details about each warranty, because every manufacturer has different rules. Many of them also offer choices of warranties, differences in policies based on whether the new-car warranty has expired or not, and optional upgrades that you can pay for.


Every warranty will come with some exclusions and limitations. You’ll want to get a copy of the warranty and read it thoroughly to know what is protected and what is not, and for what period of time the protection lasts.

Pay close attention to the mileage limits. Most people will hit the mileage limit before they reach the vehicle age limit, so it can help to know roughly how many miles you plan to drive each year.


If you think you might sell your used car before the certified warranty has expired, it’s a nice plus to find a warranty that will transfer to the next owner.

This might not matter for people who plan to keep their used car long after the warranty is out of effect.
But, if the next owner will get the protection of the warranty you paid for, it could be an excellent sales tool that helps you fetch a higher resale price at the end.


While you might not think about it now, the nationwide coverage of a manufacturer’s warranty could be priceless if you do a lot of traveling or move away from your home in the coming years.

Manufacturers usually offer to service their used cars under warranty at any dealer across the United States. If you’re on vacation out of state and want to drop your car off for service while you spend a day at the beach, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Ask about how many locations you’ll be able to get your used car serviced under warranty if it’s required later.