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2003 Volvo XC70 Mid-Size Crossover Wagon

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Formerly called Cross Country and XC AWD, this estate wagon variation off the V70 goes by the new moniker of XC70 in 2003 to conform with the new XC90 as Volvo's outdoor versatility vehicles.

XC70 is hiked high in suspension so it can travel over non-paved terrain, then outfitted with AWD traction upgraded this year to the sophisticated Haldex system also found on XC90 and S60 AWD. Haldex, a Swedish pioneer in AWD mechanisms, builds an active-on-demand system with power split between front and rear wheels through a wet multi-plate clutch.

Structural elements and mechanical hardware for XC70 come from the V70, although XC70 stretches an inch longer and is wider because the front wheel track increases by several inches. It's also almost three inches taller due to the elevated chassis.

Muscle to propel XC70 stems from V70 with Volvo's upgraded 2.5-liter, light-pressure turbo good for 208-hp.

A new leather-wrapped steering wheel and wood trim lining the dash mark 2003 editions, which also show power controls added to the front passenger's seat.