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2003 Subaru Baja Corssover Pickup Truck

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The newest Subaru is part car, part truck and part SUV, an ultimate crossover vehicle geared for active lifestyles. It ranks as the only car on the market with the back bed of a pickup. Baja looks like both a car and truck -- the car in front and truck in back.

Baja's front half comes from Outback and Legacy vehicles with a four-door cabin that has front bucket seats and a back bench in leather.

The plastic-lined truck bed in back measures 49 inches wide but is abbreviated to only 42 inches. It will stretch to 75 inches with tailgate dropped and the cab's rear wall pass-through -- a 30-inch-wide portal dubbed the Switchback -- open. With Switchback shut but Baja's bed extender in place at the tail, the bed reaches to 60.5 inches.

Baja looks tough with a raised suspension and the body layered in cladding, with optional rally lights and chrome bars lining the roof.

Power flows from the Legacy four-cylinder boxer engine scored to 165 hp with manual five-speed or optional four-speed automatic.