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2007 Isuzu Ascender Mid-Size Sport Utility Vehicle

If it looks like a Trailblazer, drives like a Trailblazer and sounds like a Trailblazer, it must be a Trailblazer, right? Wrong. This is the Isuzu Ascender, a Chevrolet clone that shows how pathetic Isuzu has become. It's the same story on the inside, where Isuzu's Ascender is virtually identical to its Chevrolet Trailblazer counterpart. Read More »

2006 Isuzu I-350 Full-Size Pickup Truck

Is this the best Isuzu can do? The company's lineup now consists entirely of General Motors ripoffs, including this I-350 pickup that's nothing but a Chevy Colorado. The only difference is the name on the hood. Hard, cheap-feeling plastics cover much of the dash and door panels in the I-350, marring an otherwise great cabin. It's roomy and quiet, but the quality looks like it was built a decade ago. Read More »

2003 Isuzu Ascender Mid-Size Sport Utility Vehicle

Is this the new GMC Envoy? Yes and no. It�s the Isuzu Ascender, which actually shares virtually all its parts with the Envoy XL, as only minor tweaks to the front grille and badges set the two apart. Do the right shopping, and the Isuzu could cost thousands less than its GMC twin. Read More »