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2007 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro AT6 Full-Size Luxury Sedan

The 2007 Audi A6 is a fast and stylish car, that's for sure. But it doesn't have giant wings and air scoops that might attract undue attention. Making a run for the border would be fantastic in this cabin, with excellent materials and fantastic sound insulation. Audi still makes some of the best interiors money can buy. Read More »

2006 Audi A6 Mid-Size Luxury Sedan

Audi manufactures near-luxury, and luxury vehicles. The A6 is their mid-size car. It has been a staple in their lineup for decades. The 2006 Audi A6 is one of the very best mid-size, luxury sedans available anywhere, at any price. Read More »

2006 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro Mid-Size Luxury Sedan

New Car Review of the 2006 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro Mid-Size Luxury Sedan Base MSRP: $53,770 Base Invoice: $49,559 MSRP As Tested: $63,840 Versions: Quattro, Avant. Vehicle Category: Mid-Size Luxury Sedan Engine Location: Front Engine Drive Wheels: Front-Wheel Drive, All-Wheel Drive. Standard Engine: 4.2-liter, Dual Overhead Cam, 40-valves, V-8, 335 - horsepower at 6600 rpm and 310 lb-ft torque at ... Read More »

2006 Audi A6 Mid-Size Luxury Sedan

Middle-size sedans from Audi were revamped in 2005 with larger dimensions for the structure and sensuous shapes on the sheetmetal. For 2006, the series gains a new five-door wagon model -- A6 Avant 3.2 Tiptronic Quattro -- plus the A6 3.2 CVT FrontTrak sedan. Read More »

2006 Audi A6 Mid-Size Luxury Sedan

Audi's previous A6 was a real looker, but the all-new 2006 model is even better. A huge grille gives it a style like no other car on the road, and the overall look is both sophisticated and athletic -- exactly like the car itself. Every piece in the A6's cabin feels like it was fitted by an expert jeweler. High-quality materials and outstanding construction prove that Audi is still making some of the best car interiors in the world. Read More »

2006 Audi A6 Avant Mid-Size Luxury Sedan and Wagon

In 2005 Audi produced a new version of the A6 mid-size sedan in a format patterned closely after A8 models. It also increased in size, measuring nearly five inches longer than the previous A6 with wheelbase stretched three inches and the width expanded by two. Theme for the shell of A6 is a fluidity of lines drawn in rectangular format but capped by an arching canopy over the cabin with low-slung windows and side pillars muted to create the impression of a sleek coupe. This year, Audi adds an Avant variation to A6. A6 Avant for 2006 resembles the A6 sedan but with a wagon-like tail attached to forge the big cargo bay.

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2005 Audi A6 Mid-Size Luxury Sedan

The Audi A6 has been one of the most beautiful cars on the road for the past 3 decades. It remains a favorite of ours today. Everything about it is elegant and voluptuous from the gently sloped roofline, sumptuous jewelry, stunning interiors, to its superior fit and finish. And its pricing makes it the most affordable, mid-size-luxury sedan on the market. Read More »

2005 Audi A6 Premium Mid-Size Sedan and Wagon

New Car Overview of the 2005 Audi A6 Premium Mid-Size Sedan and Wagon Description: Premium Mid-Size Sedan and Wagon Base MSRP Range: $40,900 – $50,500 Invoice Price Range: $37,255 – $46,583 Where built: Germany The A6 mid-size sedans from Audi stand in size between the compact A4, and the full-size A8. The A6 series begins a new generation of models ... Read More »