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Review of the Book “Road Travelers Online, 202 Useful Web Sites”, Written by Jud

Whether a seasoned traveling sales representative or planning the ultimate family vacation, Road Travelers Online is a "must have" resource.

This Internet directory includes anything and everything necessary to plan a trip from beginning to end. Road Travelers Online has a wide range of resources that are searchable by city/state and subject. While the mainstay of listed websites are United States and Canada, there were a number that had overseas links. Though most had "Under Construction" signs posted, the webmasters are confident that these pages will be up and running soon.

There are a number of detailed and printable map sites -- which really did pinpoint my house! Extensive websites for camping and lodging include a large listing of RV sites and nationwide Clubs. Itinerary planners, events, shows and roadside attractions for which to plan abound. Also found are city visitor guides, restaurant sites (with printable coupons for meals), along with sites that give tips and tricks on how to travel with children and pets without saying the dreaded "That's it! We are turning around right now!" For those who love roller coasters and amusement parks, they are all listed. More unusual sites include tackiest roadside attractions and largest roadside attractions -- with the infamous 30-foot lobster! There is even one site that includes a search for nudist colonies. The list contains many more categories -- something for everybody.

There are many zoos, museums, and admittedly a few tourist traps (purely for the ability to say "I've seen that!") that I hope to visit. This directory provided me with a new folder of "bookmarks" and vacation dreams. I bet you will too.