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Trailer Life Directory Announces Improved Trip-Planning Resources

VENTURA, California-- While there's nothing like a nice road trip to bring the family together and explore various regions of the country, planning the trip can be overwhelming for travelers unequipped with the most up-to-date information available. Trailer Life Directory, the most widely used and recognized directory in North America, is continuously seeking ways to improve the planning and traveling experience. Trailer Life Directory is also recognized as the Official Directory of the Good Sam Club, the world's largest RV owner's organization.

Each year Trailer Life Directory is updated with the most essential, comprehensive RVing information to cater to the frequently changing needs and interests of RVers. The first step in updating this year's directory was to make it more "Internet-friendly" to assist the 35% of RVers who travel with their computers. To accomplish this goal, the 2006 Trailer Life Directory will feature an all-new "Internet-at-a-Glance" section that lists RV parks, by city and state, that provide Wi-Fi or Internet access as well as information on whether there is a charge to utilize the service.

Good Sam Club members will reap the new benefits of the new 2006 Trailer Life Directory -- each park that gives members a 10-percent discount will display the Good Sam Club Logo in red next to the park's name. The addition of the new color makes listings more prominent, and therefore, easier than ever to identify.

Finally, what Trailer Life Directory would be complete without the very reason it is the most widely used Directory in the country. Every year all private RV parks and campgrounds undergo rigorous inspections to receive Trailer Life Directory's Exclusive Triple Rating, the rating system that set the industry standard in terms of park recommendations. Since 2005 alone, more than 197,000 changes have been made to the more than 12,000 RV park listings. The 2006 RV Parks, Campground and Services Directory is available now.

Technology meets tradition through the next product being released by Trailer Life Directory. For those who prefer to keep their printed Trailer Life Directory in their RVs for when they are on the road, yet still want to utilize it as a trip-planning resource from home, Trailer Life Directory is introducing the new 2006 Trailer Life Directory Campground Navigator 2-CD Set. The perfect complement to the printed Trailer Life Directory, the Campground Navigator CD-ROM set includes all of the information printed in the directory (including Good Sam Club discount locations), with many additional features. The discs will also include enhanced listing information with even more details about a location and accompanying pictures of the park. The Trailer Life Directory Campground Navigator 2-CD Set is scheduled for release in mid-January 2006.

"The key to success in any industry is the ability to adapt to the needs and interests of consumers," said Joe Daquino, Multimedia Division vice president and Trailer Life Directory publisher. "Technology is quickly becoming the trademark of the 21st century, and we are proud to release products that are on the cutting-edge of technology, yet maintain their roots in traditional means of travel planning."

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