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Sweet smell of tires

In a potpourri of behind-the-wheel factoids, this week we'll look at lavender-scented tires, how to deal with Kriss Kringle in the crosswalk and the deep psychological meaning of dreams about driving. Read More »

Bicyclists must obey road rules

Question: Where I live there is a four-way stop sign. A lot of times there are people riding their bikes and they don’t stop because they are coming down a steep hill. If, after I stop, I go and they hit me, will they be at fault or me? – Tony Answer: Bicyclists need to remember that the same laws ... Read More »

No points for talking ticket

Question: If I get a citation for a violation of the new wireless telephone law, will I receive a point on my driving record? – J.C. Reed, Norco Answer: No worries, there, J.C. While the violation is a reportable offense, the Department of Motor Vehicles will not assign a violation point to your driving record. ~ I guess gasoline isn’t ... Read More »

Diamond lane still a no-no

Question: When an accident has been reported on the freeway, is it OK to use the high-occupancy vehicle lane until you pass the crash – even if you’re the sole occupant? – Shawn Answer: I’m sorry, Shawn, but unless you are directed by the authorities to drive in the diamond lane, you’d better stick to the lanes to the right ... Read More »

Driving, nudity don’t mix

QUESTION: I know this is a strange question, but can someone get a traffic citation for driving naked? I drive in a truck that is pretty high off the ground and the other day when I was driving on the freeway, I drove by a man that I am certain was driving without any clothes on at all. Could I ... Read More »

Fill up at the hose? A myth

Question: With gasoline prices hovering in the stratosphere, I have been desperately looking into ways to save fuel. Recently I've heard that it might be possible to convert my car so that it can be fueled by water. Is there any legitimacy to this? Can I really be using H2O as my fuel instead of gas? Read More »

About the ‘move over, slow down’ law

QUESTION: I've heard that California has a new law called "Move Over, Slow Down," that requires freeway drivers to change lanes or slow down when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle. If this is true, can you provide a more detailed description of the law? Read More »