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Senate Passes Provisions To Enhance SUV Safety

On February 12, 2004 the Senate passed a six-year highway funding bill with safety provisions that, if signed into law, would save thousands of lives by requiring critical new safeguards to improve automobile and truck safety.

The Senate-passed provisions that will enhance SUV safety including vehicle rollover prevention and protection standards, aggressivity and ejection reduction standards and upgrades for front and side crashworthiness. Also included are improvements to the government's education program regarding SUV and vehicle safety. Follow this link to read more about the provisions.

However, the fight is far from over. Auto industry lobbyists have not been shy about telling reporters that the real fight is yet to come - in the House of Representatives and in conference over the bill. Winning final passage won't be easy: the Bush Administration has gone on record as opposed to the clear safety mandates in the bill.

You can once again be a force for safety by urging your Representative to include these important safety protections in the highway funding bill currently pending before the House. Click here to learn more and send a fax today.