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New Products and Accessories

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Three-Wheel Cars and Trucks

Three-wheel trucks have been quite popular in Europe and Asia for decades. Anyone who has traveled to India, the Philippines, Thailand or other Asian countries probably has ridden in an autorickshaw. These three-wheel taxis have earned the nicknames “tuk tuk” or “phat phat” because of the sound of their two-stroke engines. As fuel prices spiral upwards, three-wheelers represent a viable ... Read More »

OnStar “Stolen Vehicle Slowdown”

General Motors is adding a new capability, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, to its OnStar in-vehicle security, communications, navigation and diagnostics system. The new feature will be available at no additional cost, starting with selected 2009 model year GM vehicles going into production in mid-year 2008. Read More »

Understanding Hybrid Vehicles

"A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle with two or more energy storage systems, both of which must provide propulsion power", said Dave Hermance of Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of North America. Read More »

9-1-1 In The Wireless World

There is a serious automobile accident. One of the first on the scene calls 9-1-1 on his cell phone. The dispatcher already knows about the crash from one vehicle's Automated Collision Notification System where deployment of the airbag triggered a call to 9-1-1. The call also provided the exact location of the accident. Read More »