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2013 Lexus LX570 Full-Size Luxury SUV

2013 Lexus LX 570 full-size suv

The LX570 is a luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser, already a legend for its off-road capability, comfort and longevity. The Land Cruiser is also not cheap, starting over $78,000. Considering the Lexus version starts around $81,000, ever so slightly more than the Toyota, it's really not much of a premium to pay for the luxury branding. Read More »

2012 Lincoln Navigator Full-Size Luxury SUV

2012 Lincoln Navigator Full-Size Luxury SUV

Our wagon -- the 2012 Navigator L, Lincoln's long-stretched and luxuriously outfitted full-size SUV -- executes each bend in the curvy mountain road with a pavement-hugging poise rarely found on such a jumbo-size hulk of a wagon, much less one whose roots trace directly to a humongous pickup truck. To our surprise it feels almost sporty, so agile the posture and smooth the ride quality, yet the Navigator L has a wheelbase nearly 12 feet long and a high-rise body structure which smothers some 18 feet of pavement and its vast passenger compartment provides three tiers of seats for as many as eight riders. Read More »