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A Better View

car buying in 2013 backup cameras.

SUVs, crossover vehicles and minivans have long been the most popular types of cars for families. They offer plenty of space, but they have an inherent problem: it's not always easy to back up in a vehicle that big. Read More »

Right Turn Ahead

new car buying in 2013 navigation gps systems

It was a common scene from many a childhood road trip: mom and dad struggling with folding and unfolding a giant map to figure out where they're going. Those bulky paper maps have all but disappeared now that navigation systems are becoming the norm in new cars. Read More »

What to look for: Miles and upkeep


The first and most important step in picking a used car is determining its condition. But how can you tell a good car from a bad one? Unfortunately, you can't simply judge based on the appearance. A car with gorgeous, shiny paint might just be hiding the fact that it's never had an oil change. And, on the flip side, you might find a car with some body damage that's actually been maintained impeccably, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Read More »

Is ‘certified pre-owned’ worth it?


One of the fastest growing parts of the used-car market is the "certified pre-owned" car. These heavily advertised programs are typically offered by a new-car dealer when selling their own used models. A BMW dealership, for example, may offer a selection of "certified" used BMWs that have been thoroughly inspected for defects. Are these top-notch cars worth the premium dealers charge for them, though? It depends. Read More »

Depreciation: Why it matters


One of the biggest expenses related to your used car isn't something that comes directly out of your wallet. It only shows up when you sell your car. It's called depreciation, and if you're not paying attention to it before deciding which vehicle to buy, you're making a big mistake. Read More »

Lexus GS 350 Luxury Mid-Size Sedan

2013 Lexus GS 350 luxury mid-size sedan

Shopping Tools And Steps To Get The Best Deal Build Your Own: This tab prices your Lexus GS 350 with options, gives side-by-side car comparisons and requests a quote. Get Price Quotes: This tab provides pricing from local dealerships. Get as many quotes as possible. When dealers compete you save. Search Inventory: This tab tells you which local dealerships have ... Read More »

2013 Lexus IS Luxury Compact Sedan And Convertible

2013 Lexus IS Luxury Compact Sedan

This is a car that, particularly when fitted with the bigger of its two V6 engines, feels like it could come from Munich or Stuttgart. It's firm and engaging, with power sent to the rear wheels like any proper sports sedan, and a steering and suspension system that work together to transmit tiny vibrations to the driver — the kind of vibrations that the rest of the Lexus lineup works so hard to filter out Read More »