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Hyundai Overview

AT A GLANCE TECHNOLOGY: Hyundai recently began wading into the electric hybrid market; experts’ ears are perked up due to Hyundai’s plans to use lithium polymer batteries, instead of lithium-ion, on some models. HISTORY: The Hyundai Motor Company has been around – albeit under a slightly different name – since 1947. It didn’t start producing cars until 1968. FAMOUS MODELS: Sonata, ... Read More »

Ford Overview

AT A GLANCE TECHNOLOGY: Ford’s next generation SYNC system allows passengers to connect to the Internet. HISTORY: Ford was formed in 1903 by Henry Ford. This groundbreaking Detroit company introduced mass-production techniques that enhanced the capacity of all car companies. FAMOUS MODELS: Mustang, Expedition, Taurus, Ranger, Explorer, F-150 KNOWN FOR: Affordability, power, performance and durability Quality cars for the masses The Ford ... Read More »

Customizing your truck

new pickup trucks custom suspension

Pickup drivers want to stand out from the crowd. From chrome trim to lift kits, decals, off-road lights and special suspension setups, there are countless ways to customize your truck. In the past, that meant ordering custom parts from aftermarket suppliers that specialize in modifying pickups. Some specialize in audio systems, others in wheels or appearance packages, and these can ... Read More »

What’s the diff?

buying a truck differential

Many people buy trucks based on the engine, the styling or the cab layout. But there’s one part hidden underneath a truck that can make a world of difference in how it performs. It’s called the differential. Pickups are known for being fully customized to fit a particular job, from their cabin size to their bed length and a wide ... Read More »


new truck buying luxury

There was a time when trucks were designed strictly for work. These bare-bones machines were perfect for the jobsite but weren't comfortable or luxurious enough for a night on the town. Read More »

The difference between horsepower and torque

buying a new pickup truck torque vs horsepower

Manufacturers love to brag about numbers when they sell trucks — the pounds they can haul, the fuel efficiency of their engines and their tow ratings for pulling a trailer. For every company, though, the two most important numbers seem to be horsepower and torque. Every brand wants bragging rights for having the highest horsepower or the greatest amount of torque, even though many buyers may not know the difference between the two. Read More »

Storage innovations

buying a new pickup truck under seat storage

Trucks have always been about getting the job done, but today's trucks have a lot more places to store cargo than the bed alone. Here's a look at three innovations for storage. Read More »

How to check your belts and hoses

The belts and hoses on your car, which can be some of the cheapest and simplest parts on your car, can also be the most critical. Because they keep your engine and all its accessories running, a breakdown of a belt or hose can easily leave you stranded at the worst possible time. Worse yet, they can often lead to costly damage to your car's engine or other more expensive parts. Read More »

What your brakes are telling you

When it comes to safety, the ability to bring your car to a quick, predictable stop is critical. Brakes need to be kept in top condition at all times because they could be called upon to save your life at any moment. Brakes require regular maintenance, too, and you need to make sure they're always ready to do their job. Read More »