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It’s an App Invasion

Mobile Applications 2013 New Truck Buying Guide

Most 2013 pickup trucks include technology that lets you connect your smartphone to play music and run special apps directly from a digital screen on the dash. Here's a look at a few of the most popular in-car apps available today. Read More »

Choosing a Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch New Truck Buying Guide 2013

Nothing takes the intimidation out of towing a trailer behind a pickup truck like selecting the right hitch for the job. All it comes down to is having a firm understanding of your towing needs Read More »

Horsepower Wars

2013 Nissan Titan full-size pickup truck

Pickup truck manufacturers have seen a string of years where they each try to up the ante with bigger, more powerful and more high-tech engines. That means today's new trucks are more powerful and capable than ever before. Read More »

Have Some Four-Thought

four wheel drive new truck buying guide 2013

The idea of driving through a mud bog, traversing untamed farmland or driving on snowy roads when everyone else is stuck at home is appealing. And if not for the go-anywhere capability of a four-wheel drive pickup truck, America would be a far different place. Read More »

Efficiency and Power

pick up truck gas mileage

Horsepower ratings are soaring through the roof these days, but fuel consumption simply isn't. The pickup truck manufacturers are pouring all their engineering talent into producing more power from less gasoline or diesel fuel. Read More »

Climbing Into Bed

2013 Ram pickup bed, new truck buying guide 2013

Pickup trucks are built to carry things in the bed first and foremost. They're engineered entirely for that reason, especially around the rear suspension, where they have to be high enough and tough enough to carry incredibly heavy payloads. Four-wheel-drive pickup trucks also have to ride high off the ground for good off-road clearance. Read More »