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2013 Toyota Sienna Minivan

2013 Toyota Sienna Minivan

We discover that Sienna's go-pedal holds plenty of juice beneath a driver's foot, thanks to a lively V6 engine lifted from Camry, Toyota's best-selling mid-size sedan. Read More »

2013 Honda Odyssey Minivan

2013 Honda Odyssey minivan

The 2013 Honda Odyssey has a jagged "lightning bolt" line from its side profile, giving the current generation a more distinctive look than previous models. Inside, the Odyssey's cabin is built with the same solid construction as any Honda product, which makes it stand out in the minivan market. Read More »

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

2013 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan

The five-door minivan, dressed in smooth sheetmetal that stretches over 16 feet long and packing a forceful yet fuel-thrifty V6 powertrain, stocks standard leather upholstery on all trims for 2013 and represents a plush statement of carload transportation bringing a refined ride quality and 40+ available safety and technology features. Read More »

2012 Nissan Quest Minivan

2012 Nissan Quest Minivan

Nissan's revamped Quest of 2012 dispels the typical ho-hum and haul-the-kids approach to minivan design because the vehicle's creators -- out of Nissan's American design studio in California -- sought a high-style concept that was different and distinctive, both inside and out. Read More »