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Should You Donate Your Car To Charity?

It’s trade in time. The dealer doesn’t want to give you anything near what you think you car is worth and you don’t want the hassle of selling it yourself. You seen those ads in the paper and heard the radio spots about donating you car to a charity. Read More »

Evaluating a Lease Contract

There are many factors to be considered when considering a lease contract -- besides your monthly payments! How much a month? This may seem the most important question to ask, but with a lease it is important to look at other factors that can affect the overall cost to you. In the excitement of purchasing a new vehicle, it can be easy to overlook the total expenditure. Read More »

Want A Great Deal On A Car? Find A Great Salesperson!

Buyers often underestimate the importance a salesperson and dealership play in their long-term satisfaction. When shopping for a new vehicle it is easy to get caught up in price and financing, and fail to see the big picture. With the incredible amount of information available many people are able to do a lot of their car shopping ahead of time, yet give no thought to the actual dealership experience. Dealers and salespeople are not all the same. Read More »